We won!

We know that we never win any draws.

So when Martina received a letter by snail mail telling us that Ikea tried to contact us about a AUD$10,000 gift card, we were very skeptical. Supposedly we won because we entered a draw by using our Ikea family card on a specific weekend. The letter had a few correct details but mentioned that we didn’t add our email to our Ikea family profile which we knew was incorrect. The date was correct. But we visited Ikea quite frequently around that time.
In the last decade we spent thousands of dollars at Ikea in Australia alone – kitchen wardrobes, bathroom furniture, working desk, sofas… – but we only become Ikea family members about six months ago and have very rarely swiped it since then.
We didn’t know about any competition and only swiped the card because the cashier asked, if we had one.

Still thinking that this was a very elaborate scam (and possibly a data breach on Ikea’s side), we responded to the email address mentioned in the letter and also called the number the next day.
But no one answered and no one replied.

So in one of our many Ikea visits a few days later we asked about it and after a few redirects and confused looks we were eventually told that we indeed did win AUD$10,000 Ikea credit and that someone will contact us again.

We drove home still not actually believing it completely.

Only after getting our picture taken three days later did it slowly sink in:

Martina wins 10,000 $ from Ikea

Martina wins 10,000 $ from Ikea

We will count down the gift card and update the blog with any new purchase.

Kent in the above picture is from Sweden and worked in IKEA Wien – Vösendorf (near Vienna) for five years.

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