Shorter and longer travels in Australia and abroad:

New 31.07.2023-17.09.2023 Cairns to Darwin, Darwin to Alice Springs with Burgers, Alice to Sydney
New 09.06.2023-25.06.2023 Conquering The Tip
New 09.09.2022-04.10.2022 The Madigan Line and other adventures

18.06.2021-07.07.2021 Crossing the Simpson Desert and Cameron Corner
01.09.2019-21.09.2019 Vienna and Tuscany
30.03.2019-28.04.2019 SA and NSW with Martin and Doron
08.04.2018-20.04.2018 Raja Ampat – Take 2
08.07.2017-28.07.2017 Vienna and Paris for our 20th anniversary
12.04.2017-24.04.2017 Palawan and the Tubbataha Reef
19.03.2016-24.07.2016 Closing the loop around Australia
06.11.2015-10.11.2015 A dive trip to Townsville
08.08.2015-08.22.2015 Darwin, Martin Besuch
19.12.2014-26.01.2015 Yorke and Eyre Peninsula
18.11.2014-30.11.2014 Raja Ampat
05.07.2014-25.07.2014 A trip to Vienna
16.04.2014-27.04.2014 Diving and a wedding in Thailand
28.11.2013-05.12.2013 Mike Ball Dive Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea
15.06.2013-23.06.2013 Sipadan, Mabul (Borneo) 08.04.2013-18.04.2013 Martina alone in Vienna
29.03.2013-03.04.2013 Broken Hill, Kinchega and Mungo National Park
03.01.2013-08.01.2013 Fraser and Lady Elliot Island
27.12.2012-29.12.2012 Markus and Marion at Uluru
30.03.2012-26.04.2012 Sydney to Port Hedland via Adelaide and Perth
24.06.2011-11.07.2011 Austria
11.06.2011-13.06.2011 Lake Eyre
March & April 2011 Sydney to Brisbane and back (in several hops)
03.09.2010-07.09.2010 Great Barrier Reef and Daintree
13.05.2010-23.05.2010 Around Alice Springs
08.11.2009-24.11.2009 Cook Islands
07.04.2009-12.04.2009 Cairns to Alice Springs
24.02.2009-06.03.2009 Vienna
04.10.2008-19.10.2008 Adelaide to Perth
02.11.2007-10.11.2007 Fiji, Taveuni, Rainbow Reef
07.09.2007-10.09.2007 Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef
19.01.2007-28.01.2007 New Zealand
22.10.2006-07.11.2006 Northern Territory and Queensland
19.12.2005-29.12.2005 Vienna
21.10.2005-17.11.2005 Southeast Australia and Tasmania