Well done Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority?

I previously only knew the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for cheaply selling off access to your harbour as well as a little bit of corruption.

But when we went to the GP this morning and left our bikes outside for about 20 minutes, we found two of these beautifully prepared notes attached to our bicycles:


I thought the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority were axed but they still seem to be going strong!

For the record, our bicycles were not obstacles to anything. We attached them to each other on opposite sides of a lamp post without touching the lamp post. The bikes and lamp post were not even remotely obstructing anyone’s path.

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No longer cold

The official end to our 2015 heating season was on the 30th of August. While we all thought that the worst was over, the weather god had other plans and showered us with 10 days of bloody miserable and stormy weather resulting in our internal apartment temperature to plummet below the 17 degree mark. Reluctant … Continue reading

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Cold start to winter

Last year we had a really warm autumn allowing us to delay heating till well into June. This year a long stretch of stormy cold and wet weather in April has forced us to turn on the heaters a month sooner than in the previous years. So for the record: We started heating on the … Continue reading