Raja Ampat 2018

Because Thierry turned 40 this year and changed his mind about going to Lembeh and because a lot of other things happened, we ended up booking another 11 day liveaboard trip on the MSY Seahorse where we stayed also with Thierry in 2014. To our big surprise Daniel – who had been the second dive … Continue reading

Vienna and Paris

Markus had for the longest time wanted to go to Paris. But whenever we fly back to Austria for a visit, there is never enough time to go anywhere else. So this year, since it was shortly after our 20th anniversary, we booked the trip with three days in Paris at the end. We ended … Continue reading

Tubbataha Reef and Palawan

After talking about it for years, we finally went to Tubbataha and Palawan. It did not turn out to be the amazing trip we had hoped for, since we had bad luck with the weather conditions for the first part of the trip. But it was nonetheless enjoyable for the most part. And we met … Continue reading

Closing the Loop

In the past ten years of us living here we have been slowly filling up our map of Australia. But there was always this top left corner that was too far away and too remote to do in a single short holiday. For a while now we have been planning on maybe doing it in … Continue reading