Digging in the Dirt

With the house came a tiny garden and a tinier front patch. The front patch looked a bit sad and devoid of any Frangipani tree (There seems to be an unwritten rule that every house on the street needs to have one).

Going against our inborn desire to follow the rules, we decided instead to go for drought resistance and a few specs of colour.

So equipped with a tiny trowel and 150kg of soil Martina went to work on a fine Saturday morning.



Covering up the many pipes going everywhere. 20160910_2052_008_1

Repurposing the planters Markus had made from leftover bamboo floor boards and filling them with succulents and a kind of grass that can supposedly survive on very little water. We will find out. 20160910_2123_009_1

Three Jasmine plants to cover up the fence and a few Kangaroo Paws 20160910_2141_016_1

There is also a tomato plant with 5 baby fruits and assorted other green stuff in the process of sprouting in the backyard. So there will be more to come …

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