Myall Lakes weekend

We haven’t taken our car out camping since May last year. Lots of other things were on. A holiday trip for the Kakadu National Park (camping, but without our car), a short trip to Austria, a diving trip to Townsville (with some island camping but without our car)

We are planning our next long trip with lots of camping since end of last year or so and as part of that Martina stumbled across the new James Baroud rooftop tent design, so we tried selling our old and were suprised how quickly it was gone (three days after). But then we had to wait another five weeks because the colour that we wanted was actually out of stock – this was a bit annoying since we were told that it would take a week to get a new one, but apparently white wasn’t included in that.

Nevertheless four weeks later we got it and the weekend after we mounted it again and drove up to our favourite spot at Myall lakes. Only one other person was there and it was beautiful as always. On the way back we had a great BBQ with Markus’ work colleagues which nicely rounded of a great weekend.

Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016 Myall Lakes Feb 2016

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