Diving at Sipadan

Our dive trip to Mabul and Sipadan now seems like a lifetime away. But after having been to the Great Barrier Reef again and just recently to Thailand we kept thinking that Sipadan was probably the best dive trip so far. The abundance and diversity of marine life we encountered there was simply stunning.

Therefore we thought it would be worth to properly promote our Sipadan image gallery and also prepare a little preview.

Dive RigSipadan Watervillage MabulDive Rig ElevatorBumphead ParrotfishBarracudasTrevally/JackfishReef SharkClownfishYellow FrogfishFlamboyant CuttlefishNudibranchPygmy SeahorseSleeping TurtlePurple Leaf ScorpionfishJellyfishGreen FrogfishMantis ShrimpNudibranchNudibranchSearhorseSwimming TurtleDecorator CrabNudibranchLanding Turtle

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