It all started with Martina nagging. Basically everything starts with Martina nagging and continues and ends with Martina nagging. The last nagging around Easter resulted in an impromptu road trip from Cairns to Alice Springs 2009 . This time Martina was nagging about Markus being on on-call support over Easter meaning we had to stay home for the 5-day break. Markus does not like people. So he prefers to stay home when everyone else is traveling. But he also does not like Martina’s nagging. So he switched the on-call support with a colleague. And after a lot of deliberation on how we could spend Easter, we decided to do a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney. The only thing we had to figure out first was how to get the car to Brisbane in the first place. That’s were the frequent flyer miles came into play.

The plan:

  1. Compensate lack of 4wd experience with more equipment for Elsie
Rear Differential Lock Recovery Gear Winch
Rear Diff Lock Recovery Gear Winch
  1. Organise sleeping spot for Elsie when left behind in Brisvegas
Brisbane Parking
At Sally’s
  1. Decide on destinations and time frame (more on-call support switching), organise flights, organise ferries, organise national park camping and vehicle tags 4. Drive car up to Brisneyland and fly back home to Sydney
Crowdy Head Bundjalung National Park
Crowdy Head Bundjalung National Park
  1. Work on the weekend (and leave poor Elsie up in BNE all by herself) 6. Fly up to Brissy, go to Fraser Island, drive back to Brisbase and fly back home
Fraser Beach Driving Camping Ground
Fraser Beach Driving Our Personal Camping Ground
  1. Fly up to Brissie, go to Morton Island, drive back to Brisbase and fly back home
Fishing The Wrecks
Trying Out Fishing The Wrecks
  1. Fly up to Bris and take the long route back home
Border Ranges Warrumbungles
Border RangesNational Park WarrumbunglesNational Park

Lots of planing, lots of driving: Totally worth it.

The rest of the pictures are now up

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