Holiday, new job, heating

Both Martina and I had our our last day at our respective employers on May12th. I had resigned at Attain IT and Martina had finished her contract at DET. For both of us this meant that we had to do a lot of extra hours in the last weeks.

After that we went on a ten day vacation with Barbara and Matthias where we drove from Alice Springs to Uluru, Kata Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Palm Valley,the West MacDonnell ranges, the East MacDonnell ranges and back to the WestMacs before finishing again in Alice Springs which we passed a couple of times in the process.
In a Nissan Patrol instead of a Landcruiser. Pfff.

We were camping out every night with outside temperatures ranging from 4 to about 15 degrees. And sometimes also heavy rain.
Yes, rain. In central Australia. Lots of it too.

Bad if you want to go places that are now closed and inaccessible due to heavy flood damage. But good, if you want to know what the place looks like when it is green.

And I got peed on by a python.

We came back on Sunday the 23rd where we were welcomed by a cold apartment which meant that we now have also started heating.

Martina and I both started new jobs on Monday the 24th. Martina as a contractor at The White Agency and I as a software engineer at Suncorp.

My first week at Suncorp was interesting and I met a lot of people and learned a lot about workers compensation. I met a bunch of people in Brisbane, waited a couple of days for my everyday user account and started working on my first tasks on Thursday.

Martina’s first day was less positive because she was looking forward to starting a new project which was more or less canned in those ten days in the Northern Territory. But the people there know and seem to like her. So she will work on another project instead.

Today is my first free weekend. I want to do some work for Suncorp but I don’t have remote access and therefore can’t. So now I am trying to figure out what I do when I have time to do things I like and what these actually are.

Our neighbours Amelia, Olivia and Jason move out this week which upsets Martina. Good thing she still has so much work do do that she can keep herself occupied on weekends and earn some money as well.

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