South West Rocks

After having done a boat dive with Nicci where she told us she and Mick would be going on a trip we decided to join one of Pro Dives weekend dive trips up the coast to South West Rocks.

Fittingly Martina got sick the week before the trip and spent Thursday and Friday on sick leave. Not wanting to miss the weekend though we boarded the bus wrapped thickly in layers of pullovers and scarves.

With us on the trip were two guys we knew from the advanced course and a group of four Brits who were doing their instructor education. And of course Nicci and Mick who was speeding up the highway while listening to a rugby game on the radio.

Since we were the only (official) couple and it was also our 8th wedding anniversary we got a room of our own and did not have to share the two other rooms with the rest.

We went out at around 8 the next morning and did our first and second dive at Fishrock. Mick celebrated his 4000st dive and Martina freaked in the cave, since she nearly got stuck after loosing Markus but was rescued by Mick and all was fine afterwards (though she left the cave quite quickly). The third dive was less spectacular at Green Island.

On Sunday we went through the cave a second time which was a lot better. We even saw two turtles, one of them huge. And lost of Grey Nurse Sharks.

Pictures of the trip are all online too.

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