NFS mount on new machine

Fed up with the constant blue screens of Windows 8.1 on my now not so new any more X1 Carbon laptop and the fact that I cannot use apps like Digikam under Windows, Markus installed Linux today.

Since all our data is on a shared drive, I had to get the NFS mounts to work. In case I ever need to do this again, here are the steps taken which finally ended in success and no longer in showing me everything as “nobody:nobody”:

  1. Map the users and groups and their IDs. Map ALL of the users (not just your own)
  2. Edit /etc/fstab and enter the mount definitions, eg: ###.###.###.###:/nfs_dir /mnt_dir nfs4 defaults 0 0
  3. Check your hostname and make sure it has one eg. with hostname -f
  4. Edit /etc/idmapd.conf and change the value of “Domain” to the domain of your network (as defined in your network settings)
  5. Reboot (that seemed to do the trick for me in the end)
  6. Make sure that your machine has access permission to the NFS drive (eg. when using a NAS server)
  7. Mount the drive and list the contents. If you are lucky, you should not see any directories or files as “nobody:nobody”
  8. If it still does not work, start rpcbind