After reading about it a few times I decided that I am too lazy to build one and we bought a ~10$ version of the Google Cardboard.

It took about a month to arrive and was quickly unpacked and the app downloaded.



After playing with the Google Cardboard for about an hour our eyes hurt and we are slightly happier than before.


It is such a neat idea and simple idea (a different approach). And it works very well with the Nexus 5.

After a while we took off the part that holds the lenses and moved it a bit further (1.5 cm) away from the screen to get the picture sharp. Could be the wrong lenses, bad eyes, etc.

We checked out my Hallstatt and other spheres, I flew to Vienna in Google Earth and back to Sydney, Martina checked out her parents home. Connected Bluetooth headset, mouse and keyboard (lacking a controller) and checked out some more and generally enjoyed it.


Exactly ten years ago I came to Australia as the vanguard of the Kainberger/Ebenhoeh conglomerate.

Around September 2002 we started the preparation of becoming Australian residents. June 2003 we received our 136 Skilled Independent visa. November 2003 we visited Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane) for the first time ever to activate our visa and to scope out our new potential home.

Our plan was to stay here for about four, maybe five years and then go back, but life here is easy, untroubled. Since last year Martina and I spent more time together in Australia than Austria, where we met. We learned to dive which we never were interested in. We got a loan for an apartment; debt being completely against our risk appetite. We bought a massive car while having a loan; both against our risk appetite and our environmental conscience.

australia-routes-mapWe traveled a considerable amount of Australia, met many great people and generally are enjoying life.

I still miss Vienna a lot, but the question where our home is has been answered a few years back. I am pretty sure we won’t stay here forever, but lets see for a few more years …

I was looking for a particular spring-web version in my local Maven repo and found quite a few and then went on to look for spring-core versions to find this:

118658 markus 20080602 ./spring-core/1.2.6/spring-core-1.2.6.jar
169450 markus 20081001 ./spring-core/2.0/spring-core-2.0.jar
172430 markus 20070606 ./spring-core/2.0.1/spring-core-2.0.1.jar
173719 markus 20070731 ./spring-core/2.0.2/spring-core-2.0.2.jar
178417 markus 20070606 ./spring-core/2.0.3/spring-core-2.0.3.jar
179193 markus 20080507 ./spring-core/2.0.4/spring-core-2.0.4.jar
180362 markus 20070607 ./spring-core/2.0.5/spring-core-2.0.5.jar
180002 markus 20080923 ./spring-core/2.0.6/spring-core-2.0.6.jar
182534 markus 20080110 ./spring-core/2.0.7/spring-core-2.0.7.jar
182184 markus 20100921 ./spring-core/2.0.8/spring-core-2.0.8.jar
270968 markus 20100303 ./spring-core/2.5/spring-core-2.5.jar
284876 markus 20080511 ./spring-core/2.5.3/spring-core-2.5.3.jar
285801 markus 20090829 ./spring-core/2.5.4/spring-core-2.5.4.jar
287235 markus 20081022 ./spring-core/2.5.5/spring-core-2.5.5.jar
285603 markus 20090629 ./spring-core/2.5.6.SEC01/spring-core-2.5.6.SEC01.jar
285491 markus 20090629 ./spring-core/2.5.6/spring-core-2.5.6.jar
359338 markus 20100119 ./spring-core/3.0.0.RELEASE/spring-core-3.0.0.RELEASE.jar
367170 markus 20100917 ./spring-core/3.0.4.RELEASE/spring-core-3.0.4.RELEASE.jar
382442 markus 20110524 ./spring-core/3.0.5.RELEASE/spring-core-3.0.5.RELEASE.jar
382184 markus 20140215 ./spring-core/3.0.6.RELEASE/spring-core-3.0.6.RELEASE.jar
383621 markus 20140927 ./spring-core/3.0.7.RELEASE/spring-core-3.0.7.RELEASE.jar
442400 markus 20140217 ./spring-core/3.1.0.RELEASE/spring-core-3.1.0.RELEASE.jar
449324 markus 20120825 ./spring-core/3.1.1.RELEASE/spring-core-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar
449649 markus 20140531 ./spring-core/3.1.2.RELEASE/spring-core-3.1.2.RELEASE.jar
879449 markus 20130314 ./spring-core/3.2.0.RELEASE/spring-core-3.2.0.RELEASE.jar
863642 markus 20130314 ./spring-core/3.2.1.RELEASE/spring-core-3.2.1.RELEASE.jar
866788 markus 20130526 ./spring-core/3.2.2.RELEASE/spring-core-3.2.2.RELEASE.jar
867800 markus 20140215 ./spring-core/3.2.3.RELEASE/spring-core-3.2.3.RELEASE.jar
872983 markus 20140217 ./spring-core/3.2.7.RELEASE/spring-core-3.2.7.RELEASE.jar
973502 markus 20140531 ./spring-core/4.0.3.RELEASE/spring-core-4.0.3.RELEASE.jar

Firstly I have this habit of copying the repo from one laptop to the next and sometimes between laptop and PCs, hence seven years of spring versions with gaps; Secondly, spring-core almost increased six times in in size between those versions.
It is also an indicator since when I have been using Spring with Maven : at least since mid 2007.

Martina and I were introducing Maven at our workplace at that time as part of a JPA / Struts2 project that was using Spring for IOC.

So on the same laptop I checked for the oldest jar:

498051 markus 20051123_052529 ./struts/struts/1.1/struts-1.1.jar
    40 markus 20060208_104252 ./opensymphony/xwork/1.1.1/xwork-1.1.1.jar.sha1

Hmm, 2005. Not sure what that means.