Testing new ice cream scooper.


Last Sunday Martina and I went to Ikea with an acquaintance who just moved into a new apartment and wanted to buy a TV cabinet.
The guy took the least efficient way through Ikea. It was so frustrating. In the end we did what all frustrated people do. We bought junk.
I was quiet embarrassed about the new ice scream scooper because I secretly made fun of all the people who own ice cream scoopers.
If only I would have known! Ice Cream Scoopers Make Sense! So many table spoons could have been left unbent if we only would have bought one earlier.
The moral: Sometimes it makes sense to go to Ikea with someone who clearly has no idea of how one visits Ikeas.

You should have seen the guy’s place! Lived like an animal with the TV on the floor…

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First Flat Tyre

Today is Sunday and the first nice and warm day in a very long time. Martina had to be in the office at 07:45 for the CarsGuide.com.au website relaunch. When she got ready to leave, she checked the train schedule and which had 18 minute intervals and she would therefore have been late. So she … Continue reading

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A couple of years ago I bought a used mountain bike to ride to work. The main goal was to reduce the 24 minute walk and save some time. But the ride to Kent St was too strenuous to do it in work cloths and I had to take a shower once I arrived. In … Continue reading

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Diving at Sipadan

Our dive trip to Mabul and Sipadan now seems like a lifetime away. But we keep thinking that Sipadan was probably the best dive trip so far. The abundance and diversity of marine life we encountered there was simply stunning. Continue reading